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PcMars Accounting

Murken Thompson uses and recommends farm accounting software to all our agricultral clients. PcMars is a complete farm record-keeping program which provides a detailed record of all receipts, expenditures, inventories, payroll, capital assets, corps produced and livestock feed records. This program also has bundling packages that allow cash operations to study their operation on an accrual basis, and keep more detailed crop and livestock records.

In addition to PcMars, Murken Thompson assists clients and utilizes Quickbooks Online and Professional in their day to day operations.   Similary, our staff uses Magnify, Zero and other accounting packages based on clients individual needs.

Two ways to keep records

  1. PcMars can be used directly by the farmer. It has many features, including check writing capabilities to streamline his/her operation.
  2. Murken Thompson can assist in your business accounting. Our staff has over forty combined years of experience in accounting and record-keeping. Typically, bank statements and pertinent information are sent to our office each month; then, our staff inputs the data and provides the business owner with printed check, cash flow and income statements.

Wherever the bookkeeping is completed, our consultants will work you to use these statements for tax planning and preparation.


All features marked with an asterisk are part of the additional, bundle package, PcMarsPlus.

  • Back-Up Capabilities — Easily back up to a zip (compressed) file. These files are easy to email to your consultant or fieldman.
  • Bank / Fund Accounts — Track many different bank, money market or other fund accounts and their balances.
  • Cash Flow Planning — Create unlimited monthly or quarterly budget for the accounting year. You can easily download it into the budget capability of PcMars.
  • Chart of Accounts — Conform to the categories used by Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota Farm Business and Farm Management systems.
  • Check Printing — You can automatically print checks as you enter them into PcMars. You can even print batches at a time.
  • Combine Utility*— You are provided with a special utility which combines cash transactions from two sets of books all into one. This utility can be used to combine two fiscal years into one calendar year set of books. Or, you could combine two accounting entities into one.
  • Difficult Transactions — The Wizard will help you handle CCC loan transactions easily along with Coop Dividends, credit card transactions and crop insurance.
  • Easily Enter Crop Production Data *— You are provided an easy-to-fill -out entry screen to enter crop production data by field and/or farm. Field acreage, planting, harvest and production data can be entered for owned, cash rented, or crop share rented categories. A summary screen and reporting options are also available.
  • Enterprise — You have the ability to define an unlimited number of different enterprises and generate reports by enterprise.
  • Enterprise Allocation*— You have the ability to allocate cash transaction activity that was entered in the GEN (general) enterprise to other enterprises by percent or dollars. An Allocated Enterprise Report has been created for you to visually show these allocations.
  • Export to Finpack — PcMars has the capability to export to Finpack if the IFBA or MSD account codes are utilized.
  • Fair Market Value*— You are able to quickly and easily assign your inventory a FMV and generate a net worth for any month.
  • Inventory Tracking*— PcMars PLUS allows you to automatically increase or decrease inventory items (ie: corn, beans, hogs, supplies) when entering cash transactions. The inventory is adjusted by the entry of inventory quantities entered into your PcMars cash transactions for purchases and/or sales.
  • Livestock Production Data*— You have the ability to view an instant snapshot of monthly livestock numbers organized in a spreadsheet view. This shows inventory numbers and changes for both cash and non-cash activity on a monthly basis. You are able to make changes in inventory easily by adding, editing or printing reports.
  • Loan Tracking — Track specific loan balances and interest paid.
  • Non-Cash Inventory*— You can also enter inventory actions to track non-cash inventory activities such as enterprise transfers, crops harvested, feed fed to livestock and livestock births and deaths. End of month assets and liability numbers are automatically calculated and can be displayed and reported at any time.
  • Payroll Capabilities — Unlimited number of employees, specify tax preference and calculate gross from net check. Payroll checks printed with a detailed stub.
  • Profit Center — Users can opt to utilize profit centers as a separate segment of an enterprise and in the “selective” report capability allows excellent income/expense tracking for each profit center.
  • See Crop Production Data Instantly*— You can see an instant snapshot of crop numbers displayed in a spreadsheet view “check” screen. This shows inventory numbers and changes for both cash and non-cash activity on a monthly basis. You are able to add or edit any changes in inventory right from this screen. You are also able to print reports reflecting any changes made.
  • Reconcile — Easily reconcile with your bank statement.
  • Report Capabilities — There are multiple report capabilities including selective reporting which allows you to generate reports based on any one of the data entry blocks. The Tax Detailed Reports and Full Year General Ledger Report gives you all the information you need to prepare your taxes.
    • Additional Helpful Reports*— PcMars PLUS contains many more possible reports to be ran to help you track inventory, assets, liabilities, production, etc. better than you thought possible. The following are the additional reports you will have access to:
      • Allocated Enterprise Report
      • Enterprise Analysis Report
      • Inventory Tracking Report
      • Inventory Summary Report
      • Farm Asset Report
      • Farm Liability Report
      • Non-Farm Asset and Liability Report
      • Financial Summary Report
      • Livestock Check Report
      • Crop and Feed Check Report
      • Crop Production Report
  • Vendor Capabilities — Listing of commonly used vendors and individual loan accounts. All vendors may be “flagged” for 1099 reporting. New vendors can be added on-the-fly with unlimited vendor capacity.

For futher information on PcMars, please visit PC Mars' Web site

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